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Jessica Thompson

Jessica was raised in the small suburb of Warr Acres, OK which is part of the greater Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area. She is a 5th generation Okie and has now resided in Oklahoma City’s Urban Core/Inner City for more than 10 years. She and her husband are currently raising her two children in the same neighborhood in which her great-great grandparents once lived and she is proud to be an integral part of her neighborhood’s renaissance. Jessica Thompson began her real estate career in 2012, two years after she purchased her first home. She has a natural tendency to be supportive and she is community-driven. Her passion for the health of a community helps her to educate her clients on the importance of choosing a neighborhood that they can mold to. Her real estate mantra includes “your neighborhood is an extension of your home”. She is also personally familiar with the life cycles of neighborhoods and historic homes. Jessica’s own neighborhood was once a crime-ridden area, and is currently transforming into a more prosperous neighborhood. Her drive for a healthy community, her passion and her grassroots work, through volunteering in her neighborhood association, have helped to drive tremendous results in renovating the entire community.

Jessica takes pride in being a well-rounded individual. These attributes of her personality can be traced back to overcoming tremendous hardship in her youth. Jessica has often risen above when times were difficult and has used her experiences to drive results in her personal and in her professional career as a Real Estate Agent.

She listens well to the needs of her clients and does a phenomenal job consulting with them. She often discusses their expectations and explains what they will face during the process of purchasing or selling their home. She has a knack for empowering her clients, helping them to achieve the prosperity that home ownership can provide, or in the case of a Seller, the freedom of being able to start a new chapter. Jessica’s supportive and consultative way of preparing her clients for a real estate transaction, ensures a smooth process for everyone. She views herself as your friend in real estate and believes everyone benefits from a friend that can provide sound advice.

Her accolades include the National Trade Association’s Realtor Magazine “30 under 30″ in 2017. In addition, she was recognized by the Neighborhood Alliance of Central Oklahoma as the “Good Neighbor of the Year” in 2018. She has also been featured as Top Producer’s 2019 “Rising Star.” She has contributed to public education of real estate through radio interviews, various magazine and newspaper articles and has been a featured speaker at multiple events.

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